Unprecedented Positivity About Industry, Investment: Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the nature of jobs has been changing as the government has been supporting the emerging sectors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said there is unprecedented positivity about industry and investment in India citing his meetings with the chief executive officers of leading global companies such as Walmart and Apple.

“FDI [Foreign Direct Investment] and the record exports have been creating employment opportunities in every corner of India,” said Modi in his virtual address to over 71,000 recruits at the fourth edition of “Rozgar Mela”.

He referred to Employees Provident Fund Organisation’s net payroll figures and said over 45 million people have got jobs since 2018-19 as formal employment has been growing.

Modi, who launched the “Rozgar Mela” in October for the recruitment of one million people, said the nature of jobs has been changing as the government has been supporting the emerging sectors.

He said there has been a revolution in the start-up sector. Modi added the number of start-ups has risen to nearly 100,000 from a few hundred before 2014 when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power. Modi said they are estimated to have provided a minimum of one million jobs.

He said the length of rural roads has risen to 7.25 lakh km from 4 lakh km while the number of airports has gone up from 74 to nearly 150. Modi said the construction of over 40 million concrete houses under the government’s housing scheme for the poor has created employment opportunities.

He said that the number of universities has grown to 1,100 from around 720 in 2014. He added there are now 700 medical colleges compared to 400 in 2014.

He said 40,000 km of rail lines were electrified compared to 20,000 km in the previous decades. He added 500,000 common service centres in the villages are providing jobs in rural areas. “More than 30,000 Panchayat Bhawans have been constructed in villages…90 million households have been connected with piped water. All are creating employment at a large scale.”

Source: Hindustan Times