Ukrainian forces may move near Svatovo: new battle maps


Over the past 24 hours, the Russian invaders failed to make confirmed offensives within Bakhmut . Heavy fighting continues, but the Wagnerites are likely to be trapped in an urban area.

This is reported by the Institute for the Study of War. There is also information about the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards Svatovo. The enemy continues to build fortifications in the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the offensive is under way in the Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Maryinsky, Avdeevsky, Miner directions. Ukrainian defenders repelled 92 attacks.

East of Ukraine

The enemy continues to advance northeast of Kupyansk. The military presence of Russian troops is maintained along the border with Russia in order to keep Ukrainian troops in this direction. Ukrainian forces could advance under Svatovo. There is information about the entry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into Kuzemovka. Fighting continues in this area from Ploshchanka to the south of Dibrova, according to DeepState. 

In the Kremennaya area, the offensive of Russian troops continues.In Bakhmut, the enemy continues ground attacks, but they have not advanced in the city itself. The fighting in Bakhmut this week was more intense – the invaders are trying to break into the city center. The outskirts of the city are also under attack, fighting continues along the Orekhovo-Vasilyevka-Zaliznyanskoye line.

Attacks continue in the Avdiivka area. DeepState reports that the invaders entered and entrenched in Krasnogorovka and advanced towards Kamenka. There are fights in Marinka. Russian troops are trying to attack the North. According to the General Staff, Krasnogorovka was not captured. The enemy is trying to advance towards Kamenka, Severny, Pervomaisky, Nevelsky, Krasnogorovka and Maryinka.

South of Ukraine

The Russians continue to build fortifications in the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region north of Chistopol. They probably want to protect the highway to Tokmok. Fearing a Ukrainian counter-offensive, they prepare to defend Melitopol’s land supply lines.

Ukrainian forces continue to strike at Russian positions in the Nikolaev region (Kinburn Spit), warehouses, places of concentration of people and equipment (Kherson region). The enemy continues to shell the front-line southern regions.

Earlier, Telegraph reported that the enemy fired on Zaporozhye and Kherson the day before. In Kherson, a shell hit the parking lot of a store , there are dead.

Source: telegraf