Threads Upcoming ‘Trending Topic’ Feature: Here’s What You Should Know


Meta’s latest social media venture, Threads, appears set to embrace the highly anticipated Trending Topics feature. A screenshot inadvertently shared by a Meta employee has provided a sneak peek into the upcoming addition. Since its launch in July, Threads users have eagerly sought this feature to streamline the discovery of the most widely discussed subjects, rivaling Twitter and other platforms.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, clarified Threads’ mission, asserting that it aims not to supplant Twitter but to serve as a “public square for communities on Instagram.” Mosseri emphasised that while politics and hard news hold significance, any potential increase in engagement or revenue pales compared to the challenges posed by scrutiny, negativity, and integrity risks.

Mosseri’s remarks led many to speculate that Threads might not integrate the trending topics feature. This function, notably used on Twitter for its ability to deliver breaking news, political discussions, and widespread outrage, seemed unlikely to find a home on Threads.

Recently, app developer William Max chanced upon a screenshot shared inadvertently by an unnamed Meta employee. This glimpse revealed the trending topics feature, neatly arranged in numerical order beneath the search bar. Each topic is accompanied by an indication of the number of posts associated with it.

Notably, Threads had recently introduced a keyword search feature in a prior update. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, hinted at the Trending Topics feature when announcing the update through his Threads profile. In a message to users, he expressed excitement about introducing search functionality, indicating its rollout to a wide audience and suggesting further updates in the pipeline.

Source: India TV News