Shenaz Treasury shares tips for saving money while travelling


Who does not love exploring new and exciting destinations? But no matter how exciting the idea of travelling is, big budgets and miscellaneous expenses keep us from setting out. However, the world can be our playground by just following some intelligent practices.

So before you plan your next trip, here are some tips shared by actor turned travel blogger, Shenaz Treasury to save money while travelling.

“I am not only travelling the world but I am also making a living doing it. I am truly proud of myself for being able to do this all on my own,” she said, adding that “today I can even take my parents with me. No greater pleasure than that.”

However, in her initial years, she did follow some rules to keep her travel within budget. Before sharing her tips, Shenaz also added that she does not have her own apartment and that “I share a car with my parents so I can save that money to travel and be free!”

Here are the tips!

*Avoid materialism and value experiences.

*Make a separate account for travel and put 10 per cent of your earnings into this account.

*There is no harm in following a budget ruthlessly. Cut corners wherever you can.

*Track your spending by using apps or by making notes of your expenditures.

* Practice travel hacking which allows you to take advantage of, and utilise the various offers given by airlines, credit cards, hotels, etc. You can accumulate and redeem points and get some upgrades, free stays, etc.  

* Be flexible with your travel schedule and choose off-seasons for the best deals.

Recalling her journey, the blogger said, “When I was young and people asked me what I wanted to be – I didn’t say actor, model or travel blogger because that wasn’t even a thing then but I said that I want to do whatever I can so I can travel the world.”