Seminar Spotlights Vietnam-france Relations


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Paris (VNA) –  A seminar on Vietnam’s diplomatic policy on the Indo-Pacific region and Vietnam-France relations was held at the Vietnamese Embassy in Paris on May 15.

The event was jointly organised by the Department of International Relations of the French Institute for Advanced National Defense Studies'(IHEDN) and the institute’s Alumni Association. It aims to provide an overview of Vietnam’s foreign policy on the region from academic and practical perspectives as well as Vietnam-France relations within the framework of the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.

A lot of questions reflecting common concerns about Vietnam’s views on the Indo-Pacific strategy of France and Europe as well as solutions to implement the strategy effectively were raised by participants at the event. The strengthening of bilateral relations with Vietnam and ASEAN as well as each member country was also touched upon.

Participants spoke highly of Vietnam’s comprehensive and inclusive approach to the Indo-Pacific region, especially in terms of security, economy and sustainable development to contribute to peace, prosperity and long-term cooperation in the area.

They expressed their belief that the cooperation between Vietnam and France will contribute to maintaining stability in the regional and international environment as well as fostering the outcomes from the rich and diverse relationship between the two countries over the past 50 years./.

Source: Vietnam Plus