Reasons El Salvador Implements Indian and African Tourist Tax


El Salvador is implementing a new tax on travelers from India and more than 30 African countries entering the country. The tax amount reaches US$1000 or around Rp. 15.8 million.

According to a statement on the El Salvador port authority website, on October 20, 2023 people traveling with passports from India or one of more than 50 African countries will be required to pay the fee.

Add Value Added Tax (VAT), so the total amount that must be paid is US$ 1,130 or around Rp. 17.9 million.

This regulation was triggered by the large number of migrants from Africa and other countries who wanted to go to America via Central America. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele recently met with Brian Nichols, US assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. The two discussed efforts to overcome irregular migration, and other topics.  

Once these regulations are established on October 23, 2023, airlines will be required to notify El Salvador authorities daily about passengers originating from a list of 57 African countries, as well as passengers from India.  

Colombian airline Avianca, one of the airport’s main users, has begun notifying travelers about the tax. The airline also asked them to pay the fee before boarding the flight to El Salvador.

So far, El Salvador is known as a country with a history of gang violence. It also has one of the highest crime and murder rates in the world. But El Salvador appeals to those who love adventure. 

In El Salvador you’ll find world-class surfing on empty, dark-sand beaches; coffee plantations clinging to the sides of volcanoes; pretty, flower-filled villages with mural-covered buildings; and stunning national parks.

In the capital, Sal Salvador, there are only a few people. So you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy all the beauty that El Salvador has to offer.

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