Pakistan Accuses India of Being Involved in Explosion that Killed Nearly 60 People


Balochistan: The death toll from a massive explosion at a mosque in Pakistan has risen to 59 people. The Pakistani government vowed to find the perpetrators, and also accused Indian intelligence agencies of involvement in the suicide bomb blast.

Wasim Baig, a health department spokesman in Balochistan province where the attack took place, said on Saturday that an additional seven people had died in hospital. He added that there were still many patients in critical condition, so deaths had the potential to increase.

An explosion last Friday destroyed a mosque in Mastung district in Balochistan province. An individual blew himself up near a police vehicle, where people were gathering for the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s birthday procession.

Quoting from the TRT World page , Sunday, October 1 2023, Pakistani officials have long accused India of sponsoring violent groups in Pakistan. India has always denied this claim.

“Civil society, military and all other agencies will jointly carry out attacks against the elements involved in the Mastung suicide bombing,” Pakistani Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti told reporters in Balochistan’s capital Quetta. “RAW is involved

in the suicide attack,” he added, referring to India’s intelligence agency, the Research & Analysis Wing.

“All the major incidents that occurred in Balochistan before this incident have all been exposed. RAW India is behind all this, as are other powers who want to destabilize Pakistan,” said Bugti.

India’s Foreign Ministry and New Delhi government spokespeople did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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