New Challenges Emerging From Situation in West Asia: India’s Modi


New challenges are emerging from the situation in the West Asia region, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday.

“We strongly condemn the deaths of civilians in the conflicts between Israel and Hamas,” Modi said at the second Voice of Global South Summit hosted in virtual format by India on Friday.

“We have emphasized on dialogue, diplomacy along with restraint,” he said.

“This is time that when countries of global south speak in one voice for greater global good,” the Indian prime minister added.

The Indian Foreign Ministry said the summit would focus on sharing with Global South key outcomes achieved in various G-20 meetings over the course of India’s presidency.

“The challenges posed by global developments are also likely to be discussed,” it said.

On Wednesday, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman acknowledged that the Gaza conflict posed a geopolitical challenge to the India-Middle East-Europe Connectivity Corridor (IMEC) unveiled in September.

“It (corridor) is not without its geopolitical challenges, and the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza is a worrying manifestation of these,” she told an event in New Delhi.

Since Oct. 7, at least 11,500 Palestinians have been killed, including over 7,800 women and children, and more than 29,200 others have been injured, according to the latest figures from Palestinian authorities.

Thousands of buildings, including hospitals, mosques, and churches, have also been damaged or destroyed in Israel’s relentless air and ground attacks on the besieged enclave.

The Israeli death toll, meanwhile, is around 1,200, according to official figures.

Source : aa