Lenzing and Kentaur to Launch Eco-friendly Chef Uniforms


Lenzing Group, a renowned global producer of specialty fibres derived from wood, has joined forces with Kentaur, a Denmark-based brand known for innovative and functional workwear manufacturing. Together, they’ve introduced a new range of chef uniforms focusing on circularity, durability, and practicality. The primary goal is to reduce the reliance on new raw materials in the workwear sector while maintaining top-notch quality and comfort. These chef uniforms embody a balanced composition, featuring 50 per cent TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibres utilising REFIBRA™ technology and an additional 50 per cent from recycled polyester.

The distinguishing factor lies in Lenzing’s innovative fibre identification technology, enabling easy detection of these fibres in yarns, fabrics, and final garments. This promotes enhanced traceability and transparency across the supply chain during the production process.

The ingenious REFIBRA technology involves repurposing cotton scraps from garment manufacturing, transforming them into cotton pulp. Up to a third of this material is then combined with wood pulp to create fresh TENCEL Lyocell fibres, forming the basis for fabrics and garments.

Christian Beirholm, Kentaur’s Chief Commercial Officer, expressed their aspiration to provide sustainable workwear accessible to all in the textile service industry. While their collaboration with Lenzing commenced in 2018, this recent venture, incorporating recycled cellulosic materials made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, marks a significant step towards workwear circularity. It serves as a powerful testament that utilising recycled materials does not compromise the product’s performance.

The partnership highlights Lenzing’s continuous dedication to promoting responsible practices within the industry, with the chef uniforms showcasing their joint commitment to advancing workwear circularity alongside Kentaur.

Source: Apparel Resources