Kuwait Deports Indian Nurse for Supporting Israeli Aggression Against Gaza


Kuwaiti authorities have decided to deport an Indian nurse who worked in that country. The deportation was carried out because the nurse concerned voiced support for Israel for its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

“The Ministry of Interior deported an Indian nurse from Kuwait who worked at Al-Sabah Hospital, after she supported the occupation in the war against Palestine,” said a report by the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, in its edition published on Sunday (29/10/2023 ), quoted on the Middle East Monitor page .

According to Al-Rai, Kuwaiti authorities had previously deported an Indian nurse for expressing support for Israel and describing Palestinians as terrorists. The case involving the nurse was reported to the Kuwait General Prosecutor on October 22 2023.

The Indian nurse who was the first to be deported to Kuwait worked at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital. The nurse reportedly supported Israel’s actions in killing children in Gaza, including when they bombed Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital. He also showed off the Israeli flag on his social media accounts.

Israel has been bombarding Gaza since October 7 2023. Until this news was written, the number of Gaza residents killed as a result of Israeli attacks had reached at least 8,005 people. As many as 73 percent of them are children, women and the elderly.

Meanwhile, the number of injured victims has exceeded 20 thousand people. More than 1 million Gaza residents are currently displaced and displaced due to Israeli aggression.

International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan has said that he plans to visit the Gaza Strip and Israel. He specifically highlighted the humanitarian situation in the Gaza region.

In a press conference in Cairo, Egypt last Sunday, Khan reminded the importance of distributing humanitarian aid to Gaza. “There should be no obstacles to the supply of humanitarian aid to children, women and men, civilians,” he said, quoted on the Aljazirah page.

He emphasized that all innocent civilians have rights under international humanitarian law. “These rights are part of the Geneva Conventions, and even give rise to criminal liability when these rights are restricted under the Rome Statute,” Khan said.

Therefore, he plans to visit Gaza. “My office is committed to ensuring that those rights are preserved wherever possible and wherever we have jurisdiction,” he said.

Khan emphasized that Israel has a legal obligation to comply with the Rome Statute regarding the ICC. He warned that Israel would be responsible before international law for any attacks on civilians and facilities that should be protected in combat.

“All houses, mosques, churches, schools and hospitals are protected under international law, and we refuse to direct missiles there,” he said, as quoted by the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Source : Republica