Kenges Rakishev Praises Kazakhastanis’ Success, Hopes For Good Performance At Asian Summer Games


Kazakhstani boxers won 8 medals, three of them are golden. The President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation Kenges Rakishev highly appreciates the results of the participation of his federation’s sportsmen at the Thailand Open international tournament.

“This is one of the first competitions in 2022, where we saw our most talented sportsmen in action. The coaching staff will also make adjustments in some weights, giving boxers the opportunity to perform at different tournaments. There is still a lot of work ahead, the Asian Summer Games are in September. We will prepare to show a high result,” Kenges Rakishev said.

Kazakhstani boxers competed for awards together with 130 competitors from 14 countries.

Gold medals were won by Serik Temirzhanov (up to 57 kg), Nurbek Oralbay (up to 81 kg), Aibek Oralbay (up to 91 kg).

Sultan Musinov (up to 63 kg) and Aslanbek Shymbergenov (up to 69 kg) won silver.”Bronze” awards were won by Sanatali Toltaev (up to 63 kg), Takizhanov Ayatulla (up to 75 kg), Sagyndyk Togambay (91 kg).

KFB President Kenges Rakishev called the achievements of Kazakhstan boxers very valuable.

Source: Warsaw Point