Digital Nomads IT Community Promotes Young Women in Tech, Sports Programs


Digital Nomads IT community members from Kazakhstan are developing projects to promote young women in the industry, provide sports programming and free resources to university students. Kazakh IT specialists presented their projects at the Digital Nomads: Digital Trend panel session as part of the Digital Almaty International forum, which kicked off in Almaty on Feb. 2, the forum’s press service reported.

Goldn GmbH co-founder Aliya Mirzakhmetova, Software Engineer at Salesforce Nazerke Seidan, Meta Chief Software Engineer Askar Satabaldiyev, Senior Manager for Strategy and Growth at Asset Abdualiyev and other Kazakh natives attended the session.

“The community unites Kazakhs living and working in the technology companies abroad. We have nearly 400 people in this community. The community unites Kazakh people from many countries, mostly, of course, from the United States, Europe, and Asia. We built this community to bring our knowledge to the development of the Kazakhstan IT community,” said Abdualiyev.

Addressing the session participants, Abdualiyev asked his counterparts whether they would return to Kazakhstan.

“It is time for digital nomads, digitalization, and globalization. I want tens of thousands of Kazakh specialists to go to Amsterdam, Poland, New York, Warsaw, Tokyo, or Sydney. Let 5,000 of them settle there. Let 5,000 stay there. These 5,000 people will come back with a different way of thinking, and their children and generation will make Kazakhstan only better. I believe so,” Satabaldiyev said.

Members of the Digital Nomads community met with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev when he visited New York in September last year.

The Digital Almaty forum also hosted the Astana Hub Battle, a competition for the best IT startups, and several exhibitions showcasing best practices and achievements in innovative technologies.

The Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP) resident companies are represented at the Industry 4.0 Exhibition Area. They share solutions to promote digital transformation development and the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies in industrial enterprises.

The Startup Alley presents an exhibition of the 100 best projects in FinTech, Smart City, EDtech, GameDev, IoT, 5G, SaaS, Blockchain, Big Data, MedTech, Logistic&Travel, and other programs.

Also, for the first time, the forum hosted the Digital Ministry Cup robotics championship, which gathered more than 100 participants from four countries.

Source : The Astana Times