Comparison of the Military Strength of the United States and India, How Much Different?


The comparison of the military strength of the United States (US) and India is an interesting discussion to review. Seeing their strength, these two countries do have qualified military forces.

In terms of status, the United States and India are quite influential countries in the world. Not only in sectors such as the economy, Washington and New Delhi also continue to compete in the military field by continuing to compete to increase their strength.

So, what if the military strength of the United States and India are compared? Check out the following comparison.

Power Index score

In the Global Fire Power 2023 data, the United States has a power index of 0.0712 (perfect score: 0.0000).

This figure places it at the top of the 145 countries that receive the GFP rating.

Meanwhile, India itself has a power index of 0.1025 and sits in 4th position. In terms of scores and rankings, these two countries are actually not too far apart, but the US is still superior.

Number of Personnel

The United States is estimated to have a population of more than 337 million people. In terms of the number of soldiers they have, they have 1.39 million active personnel and 442,000 reserve personnel.

As for India, they have 1.45 million active personnel, 1.15 million reserve personnel, and 2.5 million paramilitary troops.

Ground Combat Equipment

In ground weapons strength, the United States has 5,500 tanks, 303,553 armored vehicles, 1,000 self-propelled artillery, 1,339 towed artillery, and 1,716 mobile rocket projectors.

On the Indian side, they have 4,614 tanks, 100,882 armored vehicles, 100 self-propelled artillery, 3,311 towed artillery and 1,500 mobile rocket projectors.

Sea Combat Equipment
Turning to the maritime dimension, the United States has 11 aircraft carriers, 68 submarines, 92 attack ships, 22 corvettes, 10 patrol boats, and 8 mine warfare. Meanwhile, India has 138 patrol boats, 19 corvettes, 12 frigates, 11 attack ships, 18 submarines and 2 aircraft carriers.

Air Combat Equipment
In the air sector, the United States has 1,914 combat aircraft, 83 special attack aircraft, 962 transport aircraft, 2,634 trainer aircraft, 731 special mission aircraft, 569 aerial tankers, 5,584 helicopters, and 983 attack helicopters. Meanwhile for India, they have 36 attack helicopters, 807 helicopters, 6 aerial tankers, 73 special mission aircraft, 353 training aircraft, 254 transport aircraft, 130 special attack aircraft, and 577 combat aircraft.

Thus a review of the comparison of the military strength of the United States and India which is interesting to know.

Source : Sindo News