China Rejects Visit of Indian Officials to Arunachal Pradesh


China claims parts of Arunachal Pradesh state.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BEIJING — Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said China firmly opposes the visit of Indian Home Minister to disputed Arunachal Pradesh. He added that Beijing considered the visit to violate China’s territorial sovereignty.

China changed the names of several places that India calls Arunachal Pradesh State. China also claims parts of the state.

“Zangnan is Chinese territory,” Wang said at a press conference in response to remarks regarding the visit of Indian Home Minister Amit Sha, Monday (10/4/2023).

“The visit of Indian officials to Zangnan violates China’s territorial sovereignty and is not conducive to peace and calm situation on the border,” he added.

China and India have clashed several times in border areas. Clashes in the mountainous region in recent years have strained relations between the two countries.

Source: Republika