150 Objects such as Nuts, Bolts and Earphones Found in Indian Man’s Gut


Doctors in the state of Punjab, India were shocked by the discovery of 150 foreign objects in a man’s intestines. The 40 year old patient initially complained of severe stomach pain, nausea and fever for almost a month.

After being examined, the doctor found various unusual objects in the patient’s intestines, such as earphones, bracelets, nuts and bolts, cables, pendants, buttons and safety pins.  A total of 150 objects that were in the patient’s intestines were finally removed by doctors after a three-hour operation.

Why can there be a foreign object in the stomach?  The patient whose intestines were found to have 150 foreign objects was Kuldeep Singh. Before the operation, he was initially treated at Medicity Hospital (RS), Moga City, Punjab on Monday (25/9/2023). Singh underwent treatment after complaining of fever, stomach ache and nausea for almost a month.

The doctor who treated Singh then performed an ultrasound examination. After being seen, the doctor found various kinds of metal objects in the patient’s stomach. Singh was then rushed to the operating room to undergo surgery. Doctors also put the patient on life support.

However, the man’s life could not be saved. Singh died a few days after undergoing surgery. “I have never seen conditions like this in all my years of practice,” said the Director of Medicity Moga Hospital, Ajmer Kalra, quoted by The Independent.

According to Kalra, doctors can find hair or small objects in the patient’s stomach. But he was shocked when he found out that there were almost 150 foreign objects in his patient’s stomach.  “This has never happened before,” he said.

Source : Kompas.com